2023 Summary 2023 Summary
Colonist Yearly Stats

Hey Colonist Community,

This is our 5th year! Thank you for your ongoing support. Your passion and feedback fuels our mission to create the ultimate online settling experience.

  • In 2023, we grew our playerbase by 1,000,000+
  • Colonist became a multiplatform game by launching on Mobile and Discord Activities
Colonist on Discord Activity Shelf

Recap of 2023 Player Count History
Category 2019 2020 2021 2022 2023
Yearly Active Players 39K 1.2M 1M 2M 3.2M
Monthly Active Players 7K 127K 111K 199K 288K
New Registered Players 7K 288K 182K 249K 2.1M
Games Played - 13.8M 19.3M 25.3M 33.4M
Years of Game Time 37 461 535 675 874
Peak Concurrent Players 0.2K 9K 5.2K 3.8K 7.6K

We started using average numbers for Monthly Active Players. Our best month, December, saw 1.3M Monthly Active Players. We also had a huge Discord Activity launch that same month.

Big Features

We built some of the most requested features:

  1. Mobile App on iOS & Android!
  2. Revamped trade system
  3. Added new keyboard shortcuts
  4. Karma filter setting for room games
  5. Fullscreen gameplay

In addition to the above features, we:

  • Translated the game to 30 languages
  • Added Apple & Discord login options
  • Added Hover Mechanics: Click on the board to build
Colonist Mobile App
New Trade System

Development Stats

We went from updating every 2 weeks, to every week! With our new schedule we released 35 new versions.

Category 2020 2021 2022 2023
Days in development 830 1,195 1,560 1,925
Public Versions 97 122.1 149 180
Suggestions done 219 268 336 367
Colonist Team members 4 7 12 11
Colonist Freelancers - - 4 7
Lines of TS code 55K 82K 108K 154K
Lines of TS tests 21K 24K 33K 35K
Code + Tests 76K 106K 142K 189K (21 books)

This leads to different kinds of comparisons:

Category 2020 2021 2022 2023
Players per line of code 11 9 14 17
Days played per line of code 2.2 1.8 1.7 1.7
Years played per resolved suggestion 2 11 10 28
This shows that making changes, improving things, and fixing even small annoyances in the game is worth it. - Kovarex

Colonist Social Stats

Category 2019 2020 2021 2022 2023
Discord Members 2K 18K 15K 24K 29K
r/Colonist Members 0.1K 0.6K 1K 1.5K 2.4K
Twitter Followers 0.1K 0.3K 0.5K 0.7K 0.8K
Instagram Followers 0.1K 0.3K 2.4K 2.4K 2.5K
Youtube Subscribers 0K 0.1K 0.9K 1K 1K
Twitch Followers 0 0.4K 0.8K 1.3K 1.8K

Our attention has primarily been on the game but Discord and Reddit have been growing at a solid pace!

We hosted our 3rd Colonist Con! Watch it on YouTube.

Colonist Community Stats

We love seeing our players post video and highlights. Here’s a look at some of their growth this year:

Category 2019 2020 2021 2022 2023
r/Catan Members 23K 35K 44K 65K 102K
DyLighted - Catan 2K 24K 46K 59K 67K
DyLighted Plays Catan - - - 8K 12K
DandyDrew - - - - 10K
ThePhantomCatan - - - 3.7K 7.8K
Treeckosaurus Gaming 0.4K 1.8K 2.7K 3.3K 3.8K
Elly Catan - - - 1K 2.6K
TheWandererCatan - - - - 1.9K
Total Youtuber Subscribers 2K 26K 49K 78K 107K
  • The Catan community is growing a lot. Especially Reddit.
  • DandyDrew came out of nowhere and placed himself as the 3rd top Youtube channel in his first year.
  • This is not an exhaustive list of the community, only the most popular ones.

2024 Plans

Here is our public to-do list. Our primary focus this year will be to create a more welcoming platform for new players. We've seen that many players are interested in playing Colonist but don't know what Catan is. We want to address this problem and make the game easier to learn.

Some of the ways we plan to do this is:

  • Adding a Beginner Mode
  • Finishing mobile version
  • Addressing issues raised by the community

Want to help us accomplish these goals? We're looking to increase the size of our team. Join Colonist now!

If you have friends, refer them. We give $2K referral rewards!