Transitioning from Board Game to

Ever feel like your friends and family always gang up on you in Catan? Looking for a new way to enjoy the game without the usual drama? 🎭 Read on...

Transitioning from Board Game to
From Catan to

Ever feel like your friends and family always gang up on you in Catan? Looking for a new way to enjoy the game without the usual drama?

Even if you're already a seasoned player, transitioning from in-person Catan to the online version comes with its own set of challenges and opportunities. This digital platform offers the classic Settlers of Catan experience with added convenience, global competition, and a surprising amount of collaboration.

Ready to dominate the online arena? Here’s your quick guide to enhancing your experience:

1. Sharpen Your Skills vs Bots:
Even if you're familiar with the game, practicing in “Beginner Mode” or with easy/medium Bots can help you refine your strategies and get comfortable with the nuances of the digital interface. This is also a great way to teach friends and family how to play online.

Tip #1: Focus on Resource Balance:
During your practice games, aim to build settlements on numbers that have high production (like 6 & 8). This will give you more flexibility in trading and development.

2. Master the Interface:
If you haven't already, take some time to familiarize yourself with resource management, real-time trading, and strategic robber placement. These features will become second nature as you continue to play.

Tip #2: Utilize the Trade Menu:
Don't be shy about using the trade menu! Clearly propose your desired trades (e.g., 1 Wheat for a Brick and an Ore) and see what offers come in. The real-time chat allows for quick negotiation and can significantly enhance your gameplay experience.

Adapting to the Online Social Game:

Online Catan presents a unique social dynamic. While friendly banter is encouraged, keep your text chat concise and focused. Long-winded messages can slow down the game.

Tip #3: Be Mindful of Chat Etiquette:
Use emojis or short phrases to express emotions ("Good trade!" or "Bummer about the robber!"). Avoid negativity or accusations in chat, as it can sour the online experience for everyone.

The Nuances of Online Play:

One interesting aspect of online Catan is the rise of "extortion." Unlike the classic game where the robber can only steal resources, online players might offer non-blocking or non-stealing placements in exchange for a specific resource.

Tip #4: Counter Extortion with Collaboration:
If someone tries to extort you, consider proposing a collaborative trade. Offer to help them build a road or army in exchange for the resource you need. This can be a win-win situation and build alliances.

Join the Community:

That's just the beginning!

Make sure to join the Discord, introduce yourself, and learn tips in the #Strategy channel -

So, what are you waiting for? Gather your resources, fire up, and get ready to conquer the online Catan world!

Written by CellyK