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Hey Colonists,

We just hit a big milestone, v100! We're grateful for all the support the community has provided for Colonist.

In 2019 Colonist was a niche game which only had the base game and only the most hardcore Catan players played.

In 2020 Colonist has 4 expansions and has became a worldwide known game played from casual Catan players to celebrities and CEOs.

We wanted to do a recap of 2020 and share our plans for 2021.

Game Stats from Jan 2020 to Jan 2021:

  • Monthly Active Users: 53,471 => 701,851
  • Registered Players: 6984 =>287,733
  • Games Played: 13,833,827 (Since March)
  • Years of Game Time: 37 => 461
  • Average Time Per Game: 17 minutes

This year we’ve released 33 versions including lots of fixes & features.

Regarding our player base growth, most of it came from the pandemic. We can easily say the quarantine accelerated our growth by 1 or 2 years. At the peak of the pandemic, we had max 9000 concurrent online users. It went down to 2000 during September and climbed back to 4000 in December.

Also Jeff & Juan joined our team this year accelerating our development speed a lot.

After we started working full time on colonist, first commit was at  24.09.2018.

Development Stats until Jan 2021:

  • In development for: 830 days
  • Public releases: 97 versions
  • Code commits: 14,848
  • Lines of TS code: 55,042
  • Lines of TS tests: 20,752
  • Total lines of TS Code: 75,794 (equivalent to 8 average books)
  • Words in patch notes: 9136
  • Suggestions done: 219
  • Team members: 4

This leads to different kind of comparisons:

  • Lines of code per user: 0.26
  • Commits per day: 17.8
  • Years of game time per resolved suggestion: 2.1
  • Days of game time per one commit: 11.3
  • Days of game time for each line of code: 2.2

This shows that making changes, improving things, and fixing even small annoyances in the game is worth it. - Kovarex

We received huge support from many contributors around the game helping organize tournaments, fix bugs, handling community, and so on.

Colonist Social Stats from Jan 2020 to Jan 2021:

Colonist Community Stats from Jan 2020 to Jan 2021:

2021 Plans:

Here is our public to-do list. As can be seen, we’re working on the next item which is Cities & Knights expansion. Then we will work on the mobile version. Then create an ELO system, rankings & leaderboards. We'll also work on the reliability and stabilize servers and connections.  

Want to help us to accomplish these? We're looking to increase the size of our team.