Debugging the game & Possible Fixes

How to debug rare problems and help developers improve the game.

Debugging the game & Possible Fixes

Sometimes there are very rare problems that need to be debugged carefully to find out the root cause.

Here are some methods we can debug and get more information about the game:

  1. Finding Developer Console
  2. Learn IP & Click Show Complete IP Details
  3. Learn IP Method 2
  4. Browser Info
  5. Session info: Write `/debug ` in Colonist chat

Possible Fixes:

  1. Uncommon bugs
  2. Updating DNS

I hope that this information was helpful for all game developers who read the blog. We use these resources regularly here at Colonist, and shared them in the hopes that it can make life easier for our developer-readers! Thank you all for your support.

Also for our developer-readers, we're looking to grow our team! Everyone is encouraged to apply through the form on our site.