Colonist is Hiring

Colonist needs fresh blood and is looking for 3 full-time team members. 1. Artist & UI Designer, 2. Web & Game Developer, 3. Backend Developer & Dev Ops

Colonist is Hiring
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We're building the world's most popular Catan competitor. More than a million people play it monthly, you should too!

Colonist needs fresh blood and is looking for 3 full-time remote team members.

Tank Damage Support


  1. Artist & UI Designer
  • Will use technologies like Illustrator, Photoshop, Other Design tools, SVG, EJS, HTML, CSS
  • Will work on every visual aspect of the frontend including design of the Web Pages, Game Layout, Marketing Assets, Animation, Colors, Skins, Tiles

2. Web & Game Developer

  • Will use technologies like Pixi.js, Typescript, Canvas, EJS, HTML, CSS
  • Will work on every part of frontend including development of the Lobby, Profile, Web Pages, Analytics, GameEngine, Ad, Store, Game, Animations

3. Backend Developer & Dev Ops

  • Will use technologies like Node.js, Typescript, PostgreSQL, Docker
  • Will work on every part of backend services including development of the Lobby, Profile, Chat, Networking, Match Making, Leaderboards, Statistics, API, Payments, Analytics, 3rd Party Tools, Scaling

Other Roles

If you think you don’t fit any of these roles, but are confident you can bring a lot of value in another way, feel free to contact us.

Video Game Screen


  • English: Ability to efficiently communicate in English. Naturally and effortlessly write sentences and paragraphs to communicate with our players and the team.
  • Internet Native: Knows how to use various software tools, social media, document editors, spreadsheets, meme makers, torrent, proxy, etc..
  • Doer: Outgoing and straight shooting type. Doesn't wait for answers, goes out and gets shit done.
  • Inventor: Loves exploring new tools. Researches and discovers new ways to get things done. Loves to invent new methods.
  • Self Improver: Ready to evolve up to the next level when their tasks, job or role changes.
  • PC Gamer: Where else would you play?


  • Creativity
  • Ability to crush other players in Colonist
  • Not trading with the winning person
Xbox Controller


How to Apply

Same form  is used for both contributor and job applications. Make sure to answer the question "What are you interested in?" correctly.

Our Development Methodology

  • We’re fully remote
  • We’re a hybrid between a website, a startup and a game company
  • We use a lot of web technologies like node.js, pixi.js, typescript
  • We usually work on the highest things voted in our suggestion page
  • We release a new update every 2 weeks on Wednesdays.


We have a large passionate player base and get a lot of applications. Make sure you fill everything concisely. Don't shy off from selling yourself.

Majority of team members first joined as a contributor and started fixing issues, then decided to jump in full time.


We have 4 rounds of interviews. We'll reach out via email.


You can refer your friends who are not in the community or not on our radar. If they're hired we'll gift the referrer 16K Colonist Coins and $500. Make sure your friend fills up the 'Anything you'd like to mention?' with your colonist username and your email address while applying.