Updating the Colonist Road Map

An update on the upcoming roadmap of expansions, a new storefront and more!

Updating the Colonist Road Map
Colonist Road Map May 2020

Dear Colonist Community:

We hope you are staying safe out there. First off, we want to genuinely thank all of you, our players, for helping to make Colonist into the game it is today. Your energy, feedback, and love have been the fuel that drives us to make the game as great as possible.


Over the last few months, we’ve gone from 200 simultaneous users on the site in December to 5,000+ average users in April and May. To meet the growing demand, we’ve focused on scaling the servers, growing the team (welcome Sasha!)  and will soon be releasing an update that increases the game speed by 50%.


Many of you have asked for an ETA on the next expansion release. In order to properly answer that, we wanted to walk you through our roadmap for the next 3-6 months.

First, we’ll be ending the presale for expansion packs and releasing a new store that will allow players to purchase individual expansion packs, maps, skins, and more. Anyone who owns an expansion pack will receive a credit on their account equivalent to the amount of expansions in their pack (more on this in the FAQ below).

While we’re building the new store, we’ll also be working on finalizing and releasing the 5-6 player special build phase. Once this is done, we’ll build and release Seafarers followed by Cities & Knights. We’ve chosen this order by balancing your suggestions with the development time necessary for each of these projects.

In the immediate term, we’ll also be releasing the ability to choose from different fun maps rather than having only one map available each week. Here is a sneak peak of what we're developing. It is currently in testing and will be out when it is ready. Current estimation is 2 weeks, depending on how many bugs we can find.

Thank You

The last few months have been a real whirlwind. We’ve loved hearing how Colonist has helped you connect with friends and family during the quarantine. We look forward to growing the game for you all in the months and years to come.

May your roads be long and your armies large,

The Colonist Team


Q: How will my Settler / Colonist / Founder pack transfer over to the new store?

You will receive a credit that is equivalent to the number of expansions that come with your pack:

  • Settler Pack owners will receive a credit for one expansion
  • Colonist Pack owners will receive a credit for five expansions
  • Founder Pack owners will continue to have access to all expansions as they are released.

Q: Do you have timelines for the expansions?

We’re purposefully not giving exact timelines because timelines can change if we need to solve critical bugs, etc. Plus if we gave timelines and failed to meet them, you would be mad at us and we’d be sad, and no one wants that. We’re working as fast as humanly possible to build stuff for you - hang tight and all shall be revealed.

Q: I want to help you as a developer / playtester / etc - what do I do?

Instructions below:

  • If you’re a developer, please fill out our dev contributor form.
  • If you’d like to be a playtester and help us test new versions of the game , please visit the #role-mgmt channel in our Discord and select the 🧪 emoji.
  • If you’re a designer or illustrator with a great eye or have any other talents / skills / ambitions / desires to help, please e-mail Sasha at [email protected] with details.
Colonist Discord Role Management