You can now play Colonist on Discord!

Colonist is now available to play as a Discord Activity worldwide!

You can now play Colonist on Discord!

Grab some friends and hop on a Discord call for a new way to play Colonist!

What Is Colonist?

Colonist is the most popular online alternative to the wildly popular board game Settlers of Catan. In Colonist, players trade, steal, settle, and play powerful development cards to take over the island!

Your goal is to be the first player to reach 10 Victory Points by building settlements, cities, and competing for other win conditions such as the Longest Road and Largest Army!

Colonist can be played on over 15 exciting maps that each offer unique challenges and gameplay scenarios. Definitely check out the available expansions such as Seafarers or Cities & Knights to spice up your game!

How Can I Play Colonist on Discord?

To play a game of Colonist on Discord, you need to start a Discord Activity. You can find instructions on how to start a Discord Activity here.

If you have any further questions, feel free to ask in our Discord Server!

Starting a Game

Select Multiplayer to play against others in your voice call, or play against the AI in Single Player mode.

In the Multiplayer lobby, choose your preferred game mode, map, and scroll down to customize advanced settings! When everyone is ready, click "Start Game" to begin settling. You’re ready to play!

Choose your starting settlements, and you can begin trading, stealing, and building your way to victory!

To view the resource cost associated with each action, hover over the build options at the bottom of the screen. For further information, you can consult the rulebook located in the top left corner or watch our tutorial video!

Colonist on Discord VS

There are a few small differences when playing Colonist as a Discord Activity or on the website:

- Profile and game history are only accessible on
- Ranked game mode and leaderboards are only accessible on
- Discord is completely ad-free!

Colonist on Discord FAQ

Q: Can my existing Colonist account be linked to Discord?

A: Yes! Your account will be automatically linked, so any items or subscriptions will carry over

Q: Where can I learn more about the rules of the game?

A: Check out the Colonist FAQ Blog Post.

Q: Where can I report bugs and problems with the game?

A: You can submit a bug report by going to