Announcing New Languages

Colonist is proud to announce that we will be translating our free online alternative to Settlers of Catan into a variety of languages. This will improve the quality of our game for many players around the world.

Announcing New Languages

One of Colonist's main pillars is making our game accessible to as many people as we can. In accordance with that, we are excited to announce we will soon be translating our site so that people all over the world can play Colonist. We will begin with the languages listed below, hoping to eventually make it so everyone in the world can play Colonist.

Our first wave of languages were chosen based off of regional interest in online Catan as well as Catan's popularity in different countries. Our first batch of translations will include:

Note - We need help! Translation is not easy, and our team does not speak as many langauges as we want to reach. If you are a Colonist player fluent in any language on this list please contact me at [email protected] or SimonH#3311 on discord.

Spanish / Español - Los Colonos de Catán / Catan El Juego

German / Deutsch - Catan Das Spiel

French / Français - Catan Le Jeu De Base

Dutch / Netherlandic - Catan Basisspel

Czech / čeština - Catan Osadníci Z Katanu

Swedish / Svenska - Catan Grundspel

Finnish / Suomi - Catan Peruspeli

Polish / Polski - Catan Gra Planszowa

Italian / Italiana - Catan Il Gioco

Russian / Russkij - Catan: Колонизаторы

Hungarian / Magyar - Catan Telepesei

Romanian / Română - Catan Jocul De Baza

Bulgarian / български - CATAN базисна

Icelandic / íslensku - Catan: Landnemarnir

Hebrew / עִברִית - קטאן: משחק הבסיס

Taiwanese - 卡坦島

Arabic / اللغة العربية - Catan اللعبة الأساسية

Chinese / 中文 - 卡坦 : 基礎

Japanese / 日本語 - カケン Catan

Turkish / Türkçe - Catan Kutu Oyunu

Portuguese / Português - Catan O Jogo

Croatian / Hrvatski - Catan Osnovna Igra