Interview Series 1: DyLighted

Interview with YouTuber Dylighted. Dylighed is a Catan regional champion and content creator, and he explains the Catan strategies that put him at the top of the game.

Interview Series 1: DyLighted

DyLighted's interview is the first in a series of interviews which will be released on the Colonist Blog. We will be interviewing Catan pros, content creators, members of the Colonist team, and more! If you have an individual you would like to see interviewed, please contact [email protected]. Suggestions are encouraged!

What is the first thing you check when picking a placement in a game of Colonist?

The production and the resource type along with its rarity. I also put extra emphasis on ore, wheat, and sheep.

What made you fall in love with Catan?

The competitive aspect of it and how there’s always so much more to the game than most people think. People are constantly getting better and it blows my mind the type of strategies people come up with.

What is a strategy you like that you haven’t seen anyone else use?

Honestly I haven’t really studied or worked to improve my game in a long time, so I haven’t discovered anything new that some top players don’t do. But some underutilized tactics are: port services [porting another players resources in exchange for another service,] future trades, and tactically using bidding wars to get a favorable trade.

What is the biggest piece of advice you have for a new Colonist player?

For in game strategy: Pick the best spots for production and make sure to have some ore/wheat.
For the long term: Always be learning, whether that’s from YouTube videos, better players, or making mistakes. There’s always a lot more to improve on. Even the top players are constantly getting better.

What is the most common mistake you see players making in Catan?

There’s still a lot of placement and trading mistakes that happen at the competitive level, which are fundamentals to the game. Even at higher levels these types of mistakes are made. Fundamentals > fancy plays.

What is your favorite Colonist custom map and why?

The shuffleboard because it’s different every time and still uses base game rules.

How much of Catan do you think is decided from placements?

Maybe around 25%? It depends on the table and how well they can work together on taking down a strong placement. It’s very player dependent too because even with strong placements, a player may not know how to play it effectively.

What is your favorite game to play other than Catan/Colonist?

I like poker a lot and also play this single player game called FTL (Faster Than Light.)

What is your favorite resource and why?

Wheat, as I always say No Wheat = Defeat

I hope you enjoyed reading my interview with DyLighted! Check out his gameplay channel and his main channel. Again, if there are any questions you would like to see answered by future interviewers, please email me at [email protected]. Thank you for your support!