Hello Settlers,

For those of you who missed it, Katan has been rebranded to Colonist.

Unlike other games, Colonist’s roadmap is directed by what players want. We will be adding features and game modes that have been requested for years by the Catan player community. Currently we are working on the infrastructure so we can easily add a lot of new game modes in the future.

In addition to these, we will be focusing on game design improvements as well as increasing player count.

We will also assist in increasing the level and knowledge of Settlers of Catan players by writing articles aimed to teach the game to new players as well as promoting experts who would like to share their strategies for Catan.

We will also be doing our best to make this game into an exciting eSport through organizing tournaments.

You can get a take a peek of our game’s roadmap from here: Patch Notes

We love hearing from our players so head over here and  give us suggestions to improve the game: Suggestions

Welcome to Colonist, and happy settling!